100 Cotton Candy Bags

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Cotton candy is a staple of school carnivals, and these individual bags eliminate the muss and fuss. Great for circus themed events, they’re also quick and easy to fill birthday and holiday party treat bags as party favors.

  • 50 individually packaged bags of cotton candy
  • 2.5 oz. per bag
  • Choose up to 5 flavors/colors




We have many flavors/colors of cotton candy to choose from, all of which have been designed specifically for County Fair Foods. You may choose up to five flavors for this listing (20 bags each) or all the same flavor. Colors and corresponding flavors are provided below:

  • Pink – Vanilla (Traditional “cotton candy” flavor)
  • Blue – Raspberry
  • Brown – Chocolate
  • Green – Green Apple
  • Orange – Orange
  • Pink – Peppermint
  • Purple – Grape
  • White – Vanilla
  • White – Peppermint
  • Yellow – Banana

Cotton candy, by nature, is very susceptible to weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Our bags are designed and heat-sealed to keep your cotton candy fresh longer, but you must do your part by storing your cotton candy in a cool dry place. DO NOT REFRIGERATE, or you will watch your candy shrink before your eyes as it reaches room temperature. Kind of a cool trick for the kids, but might ruin the party.

We look forward to making your event one to remember! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

Cotton candy is GLUTEN-FREE and made in a NUT-FREE facility.

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